1. Complete Health Improvement program (CHIP)

This is a 3-4-week lifestyle education programme which addresses lifestyle related diseases. CHIP has been developed and conducted in Kenya and has produced amazing results for people who are willing to make simple lifestyle changes. CHIP informs, motivates, and supports to achieve results.  A lifestyle evaluation and Blood tests in relation to the risk factors for these diseases are done at the start and end of the course.  The participants are given the opportunity to see how much improvement they will have achieved at the end of the programme.  The programme is conducted in churches, hospitals, education establishments and corporations. It is also open to anyone from community who desires to live a healthy life and prevent lifestyle related diseases (SEE BROCHURE FOR MORE DETAILS).

2. Weight Management

This has 10 weekly sessions where the following will be learnt:

  • Your Healthy Weight
  • Developing a Physically Active Lifestyle
  • Your Nutrition in Detail
  • Eating for Good Health
  • Daily Living Choices
  • Managing Stress
  • Staying Motivated
  • Children & Obesity
  • Focusing on Your Future

3. Gospel Medical missionary (offered once a year during April holidays)

The course helps each student understand the principles and methods of true health evangelism, and the role it plays in preparation for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

It is also to help each student understand and implement Christ’s method of labor.

Some of the objectives of the course:

  • To carry out true medical missionary work for the purpose of willing souls
  • To be able to instruct the principles of the health and nutrition
  • To be able to instruct simple natural remedies
  • To be able to conduct cooking classes
  • To be able to practice and teach God’s plan- the eight laws of health