1. 14-day residential sessions

You will have one-on-one meetings with your lifestyle instructor.  An individualized programme is made to suit your health condition. However, the programme is not only for those who are suffering from a disease condition but also for those who want to know how to prevent lifestyle diseases.

Some of the aspects covered during the stay include:

  • Blood works (optional)- You will have the option of obtaining blood work (once at the beginning of the program and once again near the end of the program) to evaluate your health status and track your progress. T
  • A medical doctor’s visits to discuss your health condition.
  • Hydrotherapy and massage sessions
  • Lectures on the following:
  1. The use of herbal remedies
  2. How to prevent and reverse diabetes
  3. How to control cholesterol naturally
  4. How to prevent and reverse hypertension
  5. How to prevent and treat most cancers
  6. Stress management
  7. How to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight
  8. How to develop a vibrant relationship with God
  9. Practical nutrition
  10. And much more

2. 7-day residential sessions

This is designed for those who cannot manage to stay for 14 days. It is an introductory program and follow-up services can be offered over the phone.