1. Natural remedies conference

This Seminar combines lifestyle education, with spiritual renewal and hands-on training (possible hands-on topics include Hands-On Hydrotherapy, Making & Using Herbal Preparations, Plant-Based Cooking, etc.).

2. Health Emphasis Weekends

This is aimed at those who cannot make it to the Wellness and Rehabilitation centre. A team from the Centre can be invited to deliver lifestyle disease prevention programs at different premises.

3. Health Expo

Usually, a one-day exercise aimed at increasing awareness of individual personal health status by providing health screening, materials, activities, demonstrations, and information.  It motivates participants to make positive health behavior changes. Many participants will receive immediate benefits from putting into practice what they have learnt at the Expo but for others it may be the beginning of a process that can lead them to attend other health programmes which address their health issues.

The Health Expo comprises of the following eight stations:

  • Blood sugar tests-To check for pre-diabetes and diabetes
  • Blood pressure measurements
  • Harvard fitness test- this test shows level of fitness and wellness of the heart
  • Anti-stress massage
  • Discover your Health age computer analysis
  • Bodyweight, body mass index and body fat analyzer scale
  • Lung capacity testing-this measures the participant’s lung capacity
  • Counselling- This includes a review of all the above parameters and individualized advice.

4. Lifestyle diseases seminars.

These are different seminars conducted at different times and are targeting diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, osteoporosis, obesity, heart disease, and other lifestyle-related problems.  The seminars are delivered through lectures and practical sessions.

Topics such as the disease and diet connection, reversing the disease, natural remedies for the disease, measuring risk factors for disease.

A follow-up program or counselling will be available for those who need it.