1. Health expo

This is a one-day event aimed at increasing awareness of individual personal health status by providing health screening, materials, activities, demonstrations and information. Many participants will receive immediate benefits from putting into practice what they have learnt at the Expo, for others the Expo may be the beginning of a process that can lead them to attend other health programmes which address their health issues.

Components of a Health Expo:

  1. Body weight, BMI and body fat analyser scale
  2. Blood pressure measurements
  3. Blood sugar tests: to check for pre-diabetes and diabetes.
  4. Lung capacity testing: this measures lung capacity
  5. Harvard fitness test: shows level of fitness and wellness of the heart
  6. Healthy age computer analysis
  7. Counselling: A review of all above parameters and individualised nutritional and medical advice is given.

2. Health Improvement Program (HIP)

This program runs for a period of 4-weeks, three days in a week in the first week and two days in the remaining three weeks.  There is also a graduation at the end of the training, after the second screening where participants celebrate the changes they will have observed. The programme includes the following:

  • Two health screens for total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglycerides and fasting blood sugar (One screening done at the start of programme and the other at the end so that participants can see the results and celebrate).
  • Personal lifestyle evaluations.
  • Personalized counselling
  • Dynamic health and lifestyle lectures.
  • Food demonstrations and samples
  • Monthly Alumni support meetings.

This programme has been conducted in Kenya and has shown amazing results to participants as follows:

  • There is a significant drop in cholesterol levels.
  • Diabetes and heart diseases medications are usually reduced or even eliminated.
  • Weight loss of more than 3kg in four weeks
  • Overall improvement in total health and wellness of participants and their families among other benefits.

3. Seminars and courses

We offer various short courses on:

  1. Prevention and reversal of Diabetes
  2. Prevention and reversal of Heart diseases
  3. Control of blood pressure.
  4. Prevention and management of cancer
  5. Weight loss and management

4. Bioscan

We use a Bioscan machine to scan through the body organs that identify the underperforming body systems and organs. The scan checks through the Digestive system, skin, liver, heart, kidney, brain nerves, lungs, bones, eyes, gynaecology, gall bladder, pancreas among others.   An instant health report is generated which provides insight into your body system.

Counselling is offered where a review of the report is looked at and individualised nutritional and medical advice is given.